Saturday, June 16, 2007

Car Castrastion

Here are two things I observed yesterday.

Somebody pulled up in his car next to my neighbor's house. Instead of getting out of his car and ringing the doorbell, he sat in his car and steadily honked his horn until a couple women told him to quit.

Late last night, when my girlfriend and I were walking the last couple blocks after we got off the last bus of the night, we noticed this car spending too long at the stop sign. When it drove forward, a man in the passenger seat dropped a string of lit firecrackers. They went off as we walked past, but the car had sped off into the distance.

These two episodes reveal to me with extreme clarity nothing but the laziness and cowardice of the guys doing these antics. They are so emasculated by their car that they have to act out from the inside of that shell. They can't talk or walk so they blap their horn. They can't interact with people so they throw firecrackers out of their car window.

These aren't men. These peas inside those metal pods are bits of giggling jelly. I do not think they would be that way if they didn't have that illusion of car shell invincibility. I think that if they had to face the world with no shell but the courage they had to make inside their own guts they would have the sense to not be assholes.

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